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 'Coates' at it again!

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billy the kid


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PostSubject: 'Coates' at it again!   Mon Apr 16, 2007 7:26 pm

yes its true langley parks very own barrybigcheese was upto his old tricks last night in sacriston cricket club firstly he strolls in the place(not thinking he owns it or nothing mind) dressed in....suprise a langley club t-shirt! after a couple more beers (same old story i must say) he pipes up about langley....suprise...been in a final and how there nailed on to win league too and the rants come out about how we have through our league away and what trophies we are going to get at the ramside?

why does this fool think that for some reason us lot actually give a toss about langley park? fair play there doing well and awesome if they get a double award im happy for them just dont know why he always wants to talk sbout us???? reminded of our 3-1 win the boy just shrugged his shoulders no there isnt!

anyway he mentions langley starting a forum off next year(ha ha ha ha)
where do use get the idea of creating a forum off barry??????one asks!

response= use will all have tracksuits and t-shirts like us man next year, yeah, right so we can wade around langley park every time we win a big match ha ha ha ha

we may well have through the league away craig my son but we aint too concerned about it so cant understand why you are so much?

do us all a favour and stay in langley club in future on weekends
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'Coates' at it again!
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